1. Ghee in your coffee

A dollop of desi ghee into your steaming cup of coffee. This strange concoction is being touted as the “it” health drink of 2019. It improves energy, mental clarity, focus and satiety-because pure grass-fed ghee is rich in anti-inflammatory fatty acids, Omega-3s, Omega-9s and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E. It’s rich in butyric acid, which supports the health and healing of cells in the small and large intestines. This high-fat, calorie-dense drink is being called a “breakfast replacement” because it can help you lose weight.

How? Our bodies aren’t very efficient at metabolising carbs at breakfast, partly due to the rise in cortisol levels on waking. So when you drink this, you trick your body into thinking you are essentially fasting-although ghee in coffee means about 300-800 calories.

Beware. Adding sugar will negate the weight loss effect. And weight loss will follow only if you eat less later in the day. In fact, you may gain weight if the rest of your day doesn’t consist of “clean” (read low-carb) eating.

2. The Keto diet

The very low-carb diet, called keto or ketogenic diet, is coming back as the most effective plan for weight loss. It helps you lose weight effectively by switching the fuel supply of your body-burning fat and not sugar.

How: The body produces small molecules called “ketones” as an alternative energy source when blood sugar is in short supply. As the body produces ketones, it enters a metabolic state called ketosis. The fastest way to get there is by fasting. Another way is a ketogenic diet, when you eat few carbs and moderate protein.

Beware: Three categories of people should not try this diet: those who are taking medication for diabetes, for high blood pressure or are pregnant.