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Limited to This Site

This Privacy Policy only governs the collection, processing and storing of personal information supplied to this website; it does not govern the collection, processing or storing of personal information by any third party. This Privacy Policy does not govern and is not applicable to any third party or any website that may be linked from Daily News Updater, or from our newsletters.

Sources of Data:

dailynewsupdater.com gathers information from multiple sources: You directly provide name, email, phone, and address, and can choose to share details on inquiry forms. We may also gather data from trusted partners like affiliates and data brokers. Additionally, we employ cookies to collect website visit information for analysis and advertising purposes. More details are provided below.

Types of Personal Data We Use

Here at Daily News Updater, we request your name, birthday, address, email, and phone number. Additionally, we use cookies and similar technologies to understand your online purchase intent. We collect data like IP address, location, device ID, browsing habits, and visits to certain websites. We may also obtain data from data brokers or public sources like demographic data, your interests, past locations, or purchase history. We may collect limited categories of sensitive data (like race/ethnicity or location. Learn more about managing your data preferences in “Your Privacy Rights” below.

How We Use The Information We Collect.

We use the personal information we obtain to send you newsletters that you sign up for and to provide content or marketing messages by email or via other channels. We will also share personal information with our affiliates and other companies who may also send you marketing messages. You can opt out at any time here. Our use of your personal information is also known as “cross context behavioral advertising” in some cases.

Data Sharing

We sell or share personal information with our affiliates and with partner companies to be used for marketing purposes, including cross context behavioral advertising. We also enable access to personal information for companies who perform services for us, including services related to cross context behavioral advertising, analytics, advertising fraud detection, information security, web hosting, or similar services. We contract with third parties who have access to personal information to ensure that they use appropriate data security and comply with laws. We may also share personal information where required by law (for instance if we receive a subpoena or court order), or to protect any person’s health or safety.

Cross Context Behavioral Advertising, Analytics, and Data Sharing

We share personal information gathered at this site with third-party advertising and analytics services companies (which may include data brokers) to place advertisements on this or other websites or share and to perform analytics and reporting functions for those sites and our advertisements, and place third-party advertisements on our Website. These third parties may collect information about the web pages you view and advertisements you interact with. We (or our partners) may collect your IP address, date and time of interaction, your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and the browser you use to visit this Website. This information may be combined with other personal information like your name or email address and may be used to deliver advertising from us or from other companies, through email, at websites, or through social media sites (known as “cross-context behavioral advertising”). We also use personal information to understand your interactions with our Website and advertisements so we can improve them.

Online Tracking and Personalized Advertising

Cookies are small computer files that are stored on your browser for use as identifiers so that we or our partners can recognize your browser on certain websites. We do not track every site you visit on the Internet. At this website, we utilize cookies, pixels, and related automated data collection technologies to operate this site safely and effectively; understand how users engage with our website; display personalized content and advertisements; and track engagement with and response to advertisements or other communications. You can restrict, block, or delete cookies at any time by changing your browser settings. If you use a “do not track” or opt-out setting, we will set an opt-out cookie on your browser to stop additional data collection. If you delete this opt-out cookie, you will need to opt that browser out again because our site will no longer know not to collect data about your visits.

Your Personal Information Rights

You may exercise your privacy rights by completing the web form here, or by calling us at 844-550-0448 (you will be asked to leave a message). You may: (1) obtain a description of how we collect and use personal information (this this Privacy Policy, (2) opt out of our sale or sharing of your personal information with other companies, (3) receive a copy of your personal information, (4) request that we delete your personal information, and (5) make other requests relating to your personal information. If you still have questions or concerns, please email at the address provided below. You may also have the right to appeal to state or federal privacy supervisory authorities if we are unable to resolve your issue.

Policy on Children’s Data

This website is for use only by individuals aged 16 and older. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 16. We will remove any personal information relating to an individual 15 or younger if we become aware that it has been submitted to us.

Protecting Your Personal Information

We protect personal information using technical, organizational, and physical security measures designed to adapt to evolving threats. We have policies and procedures, employee training, and system-based monitoring. We also audit our practices and train our staff regularly to ensure consistency and adapt to changing technology and threats to data.

Privacy Policy Updates

We reserve the right to modify or update this Privacy Policy at any time. The updated policy will apply from its effective date. You may wish to review this Policy periodically to stay updated on our collection, use, and sharing of personal information.

Data Storage and Processing in the United States

Daily News Updater is located in the United States, and Daily News Updater is intended for users in the United States. When you visit our website, you understand and acknowledge that your personal information will be stored and processed within the United States, subject to laws of the United States.

Contact Us

For more information or for any issues you have not been able to resolve, please contact us at parkrover@dailynewsupdater.com.

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