For me, kids activities need to have a purpose.

I love seeing the look of wonder on my kids’ faces, but as a former teacher, I like to know that they’re also learning something too.

That’s why these cool science experiments to do at home accomplish two things:

  • They’re very simple.
  • They use ingredients you already have in your own home.

And if you’re like me and find it incredibly annoying to keep track of a page where you find a fun activity you love, I have something for you!

Stop trying to remember where you saw an experiment. Instead, have it safely stored inside your email.

Remember those lava lamps you had as a kid? With just a little bit of food coloring, vegetable oil, and alka seltzer, your kids will play with this one for a while. Here’s the simple DIY experiment.

Want to get the printable instructions for this?

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