When you have a business blog, you know that sometimes the things you have to say or explain aren’t always the most enjoyable topics for your audience to read about.

But, as a business owner or marketer, you know how important it is to have a blog as a marketing tool.

According to HubSpot’s report:

  • A blog can influence a reader’s decision to purchase.
  • Companies with blogs have 55% more visitors than those without blogs.
  • Blogs are part of the inbound marketing process, helping businesses attract and convert readers.

So, you can see that having a blog for your business helps you convert readers, grow a following, and build your brand.

But, if your business or product isn’t a sexy topic, how can you make it look like you’ve got a happening blog?

In this post, I’ve laid out 60 blog post ideas to help you liven up your business blog. Most of these ideas also have examples of blog posts from other companies or entrepreneurs to give you some inspiration for your blog.

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