Apple Watch Series 5 is here with an always-on display and newly added compass, but Apple’s $200 entry level model is worth a serious look for buyers on a budget. Apple Watch Series 3 matches the new Fitbit Versa 2 in price while offering much deeper iPhone integration.

Priced to compete

Apple Watch Series 3 and Fitbit Versa 2 (each priced from $199) are highly capable fitness trackers, but there’s much more to the Apple Watch than counting steps.

Apple Watch has a highly motivational activity tracking system that uses three colored rings to measure your fitness throughout the day. Close all three rings by achieving three daily goals:

meet your personal active calories burned goal with movement

exercise for the globally recommended 30 minutes per day

stand and move around for at least one minute out of 12 hours

Move, exercise, and stand goals are rewarded with milestone achievements, and Apple Watch users can share activity and compete together for extra motivation.

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