A healthy start to the day begins right in the morning. Hence, what you eat is very important as it sets the course for the rest of the day. Skipping meals, eating rather late or having something low in calories can not just impact your health but also your mood.

Here are some diet mistakes you might be guilty of making:

Choosing not to have breakfast is a big no-no. Not only will you feel more hungry, but it can also have serious repercussions impacting you later. Studies have also shown that those who ate regular breakfast recorded low BMI levels, have better digestion and stay more alert through the day.

We all know that ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away!’ but what most people don’t know is that apples can even keep weight gain at bay. Full of fiber, nutrients, and vitamins, apple is an excellent fruit for those trying to shed kilos. It contains plenty of water and is quite filling. A medium-sized apple contains 4 grams of fiber, which is 16 percent of the daily recommended fiber intake for women and 11 percent for men. Apple prevents you from unhealthy and mindless snacking.

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