Just like other organs, the ears are also important. But, many a time, we skip our ENT appointments thinking it is not a big deal. Hearing loss is a process that happens gradually, over a period of time. Which is why, periodic visits to the doctor are important. Here are some tell-tale signs of hearing loss that may make you book an urgent appointment with your ENT specialist.

Buzzing in the ears

Buzzing or ringing inside the ears is a noticeable sign, which shows you might be in the earliest stages of hearing loss. Experts say that when this feeling becomes more frequent and constant, it could indicate a nerve damage inside the ear. Listening to music on high volume, especially on headphones or earphones can cause this damage. Nonetheless, is it is best to check with a doctor.

Being off balance

Ears keep the body’s balance. When there is hearing loss, you may find yourself tripping, stumbling or being generally more clumsy, more often. It is the ear canals that send signals to the brain to keep the balance. There could be something wrong in there. Let your doctor have a look.Read More..