The police say new arrangements have been instituted governing the security of football matches at the National Stadium in St Andrew arising from the bottle-throwing incident during the recently concluded Red Stripe premiere league season.

Portmore United won the April 29 final by defeating Waterhouse 1-0.

Waterhouse fans pelted the field with bottles.

During the incident, a Portmore United player, Damian Williams, was injured by a missile, allegedly thrown by spectators from the stands.

Here are the new security measures

* Conducting searches of patrons and the goods of concessionaires/vendors will be more detailed and a systematic approach to unearth any concealed items that are prohibited.

* Searching of goods must be in the presence of a representative from Independence Park Limited and supervised by a senior sub -officer from the JCF.

* A consensus has been agreed to revise the items that vendors will not be allowed to take inside the National Stadium. Glass bottles, frozen water and beverages, large igloos and offensive weapons are restricted.

* Concessionaires should provide cups and ice when necessary to facilitate the serving of beverages to patrons as the serving of beverages in sealed bottles is prohibited.

* Failure to adhere to stipulations outlined in the contracts of concessionaires/vendors will attraction the necessary sanctions.

*The public should be reminded that the following items will not be allowed inside the National Stadium. These are firearms, explosives, drugs, no offensive weapons, walking stick- type umbrellas, flags with sharp poles /sticks, selfie sticks, no cigarettes and no lighters.

* It must be noted that the National Stadium is a public place which classifies it as a no smoking area. It is also an offence to smoke in public places.