Regardless of the industry you’re in or the kind of work you do, it’s inevitable that at some point you’ll need to participate in a business meeting. Some workplaces, especially those in office settings, have several meetings a day, while others may only have them once every few weeks. Regardless, it’s important to be aware of what types of topics are discussed in the meetings at your workplace, how an effective meeting should be conducted and what etiquette rules to follow during a meeting. If you’re in charge of running a meeting, you may be required to come up with icebreakers for the attendees or to take notes, or minutes, at the meeting.

What Is a Business Meeting?

In essence, a business meeting is a gathering of two or more people to discuss ideas, goals and objectives that concern the workplace. Business meetings can be conducted in person at an office or at a different location, or even over the phone and by video conference. Meetings take place with employees, managers, executives, clients, prospects, suppliers and partners, and anyone else related to the organization. In most cases, a meeting needs to take place when the issue at hand is something that cannot be properly communicated over the phone or via email, and requires face-to-face interaction with one or more people.

The purpose of a business meeting is often to make important decisions regarding the organization. Whether it’s deciding on a departmental issue, such as how to grow the marketing budget, or a larger organizational matter, like how many people to lay off during a time of transition, a meeting helps to convey ideas clearly. When speaking in person with important stakeholders, it’s easier to get across important information effectively in order to reach the decision in question.

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