When we’re young, we often tend to ignore our body’s nutrient requirements which impacts not only our body, but also our skin and overall health in the long run. Which is why, health experts recommend a diet that is rich in nutrient-dense, organic, and real foods as a foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Yet, for many women, diet alone may not be enough. Through various stages of her life, a woman requires certain nutrients to help maintain appropriate body balance.

“Our daily food may fall short in providing sufficient quantities of vitamins and minerals; and that is when multivitamins become essential. They act as a bridge, by delivering the nutritional value, between our body’s requirement of nutrients and the insufficiency of our food to deliver the same. It is imperative for females over 30 years of age to pay utmost attention while selecting vitamin supplements, especially relating to the onset of childbearing years,” says Rajeswari Shetty, head of dietetics, SL Raheja Hospital Mahim- A Fortis Associate.Read More..