Due to outbreak of ‘COVID-19’, there is lockdown in the entire country. Everyone is talking about slowdown in the economy due to reduction in demand, lower income levels, job cuts & consequently fall in GDP figures. There is lot of uncertainty how businesses can survive. ‘Uncertainty’ refers to situations involving imperfect or unknown information. It applies to predictions of future events which are the unknown. Future may be uncertain, but one should never lose hope, as tomorrow can be the day, you have been waiting for. Hope’ is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness, as Stars can’t shine without darkness. Once you choose Hope, everything is possible. So let’s talk about, which business is best after lockdown? What can be business opportunities after lockdown? What can be small scale ‘business ideas’ post Corona Virus lockdown? Can we initiate ideas for new Start-ups?

Consumer Demand

First and the foremost thing in every business idea is ‘Consumer Demand’. If there is demand for particular product and/or service, there is some business opportunity too. So let’s start by looking for, what people are searching for….? What’s trending now….? If we come to know, particular thing is being demanded in a particular area and we have talent & resources for that product/service, we can initiate our business idea in some way. In case you wish to succeed, you should think beyond boundaries of your colony, city, district, region, state & even country. Demand for your product or service can be in other part of the country or even somewhere in other part of the world. Just go for it. Even your hobby like Dance, music, gardening, Fitness, Diet plans, sport can be business idea for you to impart online training & coaching over the internet.

How to find, what’s trending now?

First of all we need to research, what can be the thing which people are looking for. Use of ‘Google Trends’ can be game changer for this purpose. Explore what the world is searching by using Google Trends service which is free of cost for everyone. Let’s understand how we can use this for new business ideas.

1. First of all take a Key Word like Education, Finance, Accounts, Tax (GST/Income Tax/TDS/Company Law), Agriculture, Manufacture, Games, Auto Parts, Mobile, Loan, Furniture, Food, Sport and Housing, Fashion, Cloth, Gift etc. Key word can be thing product/service/area/concept/hobby etc. Re-shuffle results of various Key Words. You can also compare search trends of various Key Words by using ‘Compare’ option. Keyword can be anything you can imagine.

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