Mozilla just expanded the reach of its Firefox Reality VR browser to one of its bigger platforms yet: the Oculus Quest. Owners of Facebook’s stand-alone headset can surf sites, watch videos and dive into VR experiences through a browser that both emphasizes privacy (Enhanced Tracking Protection is turned on by default) and puts VR web activities front and center in a portal. The features will seem familiar if you’ve used Firefox Reality on another platform, including voice search, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you aren’t happy with the usual Quest browsing.

The free software is initially available in 10 languages (including Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean). More are on the way, Mozilla said. This isn’t necessarily a revolution, especially if you’re content to use the regular Oculus Browser. Regardless, it’s a big deal for Quest owners and VR browsing as a whole. You now have a significant browser alternative on one of the hotter VR headsets on the market, and there won’t be any pesky wires getting in the way while you check the news or catch up on videos.