One of best things about using a Pixel smartphone is the ease and precison with which Google delivers updates to its devices. Be it security update or a feature release, Google has an excellent track record when it comes to rolling out its latest feature to its older Pixel phones. Now, in a bid to take this track record a step further, Google has introduced a month Feature Drop for its Pixel smartphones. This program, if I may call it that way, is Google’s way of delivering its latest features and apps to its smartphones.

As a part of its first Feature Drop, the company is introducing a bunch of new features — a new way to capture portraits, easier Duo calls and automatic call screening among others to its Pixel 4 and older Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a smartphones.

Check out all the features here:

Portrait Blur: This feature allows users to turn any photo shot using a Pixel smartphone into a portrait shot by blurring the background in the editing mode after they have shot the image. This processing takes place in Google Photos. Google’s portait blur feature will be available to all Pixel phone users.

Robocall Screening: Now Google Assistant on the newly launched Pixel 4 smartphones will be able to screen robocalls in the US. If its a robocall, Google Assistant will filter the call without ever letting the phone ring. “And when it’s not a robocall, your phone rings a few moments later with helpful context about who is calling and why,” Google wrote in a blog post.

Auto framing in Google Duo: This feature automatically keeps the user’s frame centered during a video calling using Duo on Pixel 4. If another person joins the user in the shot, the camera, as Google says adjusts automatically to keep both the people in frame.Read More..