In our quest to find quirky alternatives for a healthy diet, we come across interesting edible items — the banana tea being one of them. Separately, banana and tea make a lot of sense. But, when pitched together, make for an unusual pair. Banana tea? What would it taste like? Why do we have it? What are the health benefits? Should it be included in the diet? Questions like these crossed our mind, too. And then we found out about this wonderment. Read on.

How is it prepared?

The process is fairly simple. In order to make a banana tea, you must first dip an entire banana in boiling water, before removing it and drinking the liquid. The tea can be made with or without the peel, depending on your preference. When made with the peel, the tea is called the ‘banana peel tea’. It should be noted that banana peel tea is high on fiber, and therefore, takes a longer time to get prepared.

To improve the flavour of this product so you can consume it on the regular, you can add a dash of cinnamon or honey to it.Read More..