Be an advocate for sports safety – help us educate athletes, parents, coaches and healthcare professionals. STOP (Sports Trauma and Overuse Prevention) Sports Injuries needs your assistance to help us spread the word. Below is a list of potential outreach opportunities for STOP Sports Injuries supporters to help raise public awareness and educate their communities about sports safety.

Spread the Word

Use social media. Become a “fan” of STOP Sports Injuries on Facebook and post messages about sports safety. Follow STOP Sports Injuries on Twitter to keep up on the latest news and “Tweet” when you have timely information to share. Tell others to do the same. Relate a “personal story” to AOSSM about an athlete, parent, or coach that conveys a compelling message about youth sports injury or prevention.  Share your ideas for future educational tip sheets with the campaign at info@stopsportsinjuries.orgAttend or speak at appropriate meetings or conferences, mentioning STOP Sports Injuries and explaining how to get involved.Turn STOP Sports Injuries information into an article for your practice’s newsletter. Create and post an online STOP Sports Injuries petition or pledge urging your website visitors to support the campaign. Post a link to the STOP Sports Injuries website on your website or directly link to certain pages of relevant information.

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