Forget Game of Thrones. The greatest story ever told was one of two highly heralded platforms: iOS and Android. They’re in constant competition, and there’s never a shortage of shade, whether it’s Apple dropping a truth bomb about Android’s flip-a-switch privacy during its WWDC ’19 keynote, or Google showing off the prowess of its integrated AI smarts at its developer event.

Whatever smartphone you’re using, you’re bound to find similarities in features. That’s because like in fashion, there are trends, and Apple and Google are setting the bar. Both companies have major software updates coming soon—iOS 13 and Android Q, respectively—both of which will usher in a variety of new abilities you’ll quickly find you can’t live without. (As long as you update your software, of course.)


Developers of both platforms cheered in unison when Apple and Google respectively announced that there would be a dark interface coming to their platforms. That’s likely because there are many out there feeling burnt out by the brightness of their screens.

iOS 13 and Android Q will come equipped with a system-wide dark mode. All menu screens, buttons, and fonts will adhere to a darker color scheme, along with notifications panels and pop-ups, and the dock in iOS. All of Apple and Google’s first-party apps will support the feature on each of their platforms.


Apple announced a revamp of the Reminders app in iOS 13. The app will feature new categories to help separate tasks by urgency, as well as a new AI-propelled feature that will remind you when it’s time to do the thing you planned to do.