Tesla CEO Elon Musk said something similar to the headline above on the quarterly Tesla conference call a few hours ago.

It perhaps made me smile and laugh more than anything else on the conference call. The reason is simple, and it’s also why I’m keeping this article short.

There are many ways to rationalize a decision, and there are different reasons to buy one vehicle over another. You might prioritize power, safety, infotainment, autonomous driving, cargo space, or tech. Also, you may just like how a vehicle looks. On several of these matters, a Tesla vehicle objectively wins against the competition in its class. But a win on paper is not always worth a lot. What matters is the real-world experience. The thing that Tesla owners try to express in written words, while talking to others, or simply while thinking about why they love Tesla so much, is how wonderful it is to drive or use a Tesla. These are not empty reasons on paper — they are experienced essentially every day you have the car.