We’re nearing the end of the year here in 2017. It’s been another fantastic year for technology, and we’ve seen lots of exciting innovation. But it’s never too soon to look towards the future. We’re going to take a look at what’s coming in the future. These are the top 10 Internet of Things technology trends for 2018!

1. Finance

Smartphones are augmenting the ATM experience making choosing a bank easier for consumers. Smartphones or smart watches are serving as debit cards that can function with just a swipe to transfer funds easily and securely. Retail banks are also mimicking retailers by putting sensors in branches to suggest product details, discounts or recommendations through consumers’ smart phones or watches. Banks can increase the adoption rate of extra services by communicating directly with their customers.

We think these are the 10 sectors that will see a big change in 2018 with Internet of Things technology. Which ones do you think will change the most? Let us know in the comments

2. Nutrition

With the use of automated sensors, monitors, wireless devices, and cloud date collection, agriculture can provide higher quality nutrition to a larger number of people. Farmers can receive data about weather, soil quality, humidity, crop ripeness, growth conditions, and more all at their fingertips with their smart devices. The information can be used to maximize production and subsequently distribution. Consumers could also access data about the food that they buy, including where it came from, growing conditions, and a detailed nutritional profile – all at the click of a button.

3. Fitness

IoT means that our Fitbit tracking devices can provide practical advice to help us reach our fitness goals. Gadgets can now identify a single individual entering or leaving a gym, their weight and body fat percentage, and upload the information to a platform. Users then get graphs of variations in weight/fat, as well as predictions for weight loss or gain time. Then, they can get feedback on what they need to do to reach their fitness goals. Routines and diets are automatically readjusted as time progresses. This information is stored and can be accessed from various geographical locations. That means you’re always on top of your fitness goal tracking.

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