The iPhone 11 launch date has been set now: it’s going to be September 10 in Cupertino, now the invites have gone out – and we could be getting not just the iPhone 11, but a new iPhone 11 Pro.

We’re not sure how that’s going to play out – as the leaks are currently suggesting that the likely three new phones (including something we’re colloquially dubbing the iPhone 11R, although it’s not clear if that would be the name) and the changes on each of the new iPhone models seem pretty minimal since 2018’s devices emerged.

If you’re hoping for a massively-upgraded handset, then you’re probably going to be disappointed this year as the upgrades that we are hearing about aren’t hugely exciting. We’ve got some experience sifting through these rumors – we’ve been at it for over a decade – and nothing we’ve picked up suggests anything more than that.

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