UpToDate provides more than 1,500 patient education topics, plus more than 1,000 translated into universal Spanish, that facilitate clinician-patient communication. These materials educate and promote shared decision-making based on medical evidence, clinical recommendations, and patient preference. Engaging patients in their medical care and treatment decisions often reduces costs and leads to better outcomes.

UpToDate patient articles include full-color pictures, graphics, and charts to help the reader understand his or her condition and to reinforce key messages regarding care.

By using UpToDate patient materials, clinicians ensure that the information they provide is consistent with the evidence-based content they use to make clinical decisions and recommendations.

Patients are eager for information, and UpToDate patient topics allow you to provide them with relevant, consistent information to help them care for themselves, family, and friends.

Current Information

Like our clinician-level materials, patient education topics are updated continuously, so they reflect the most recent medical literature. All patient education topics are written by professional medical writers, edited to adhere to readability standards, and reviewed by our in-house physician editors for clinical accuracy. The Beyond the Basics topics are also reviewed by an external physician author and section editor. Thus, our patient education materials are current, accurate, and evidence-based.

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