Short paragraph about sport contains all the important and useful information about sport and its importance to the individual and society . Here we will offer you a short paragraph about sport that contains all the information you are looking for.

Short paragraph about sport

Sports is a very important thing in human life, it maintains the physical and psychological health ,and here you will find a Short paragraph about sport contains everything you need to know about sports .Here you will find more than one paragraph to choose what suits your ideas.

 The first paragraph

Sports are defined as physical or mental exertion by individuals and are committed to maintaining physical or mental fitness. There are many types of exercise that can be practiced  as a healthy habit, such as walking, riding, Swimming, or athletics, and these sports have many benefits on the human body and mind.Sport make the body ideal, consistent, and healthy, as it strengthens it, and fights obesity. Prevention of many diseases, including: Obesity, which is a cause of other diseases, such as: Diabetic cartilage disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. 

The second paragraph

 Sports Open appetite, increase weight for those who suffer from thinness. Eliminating the damage of meals, especially fast food and saturated fat, they make the body get rid of excess fat and it helps to consume excess calories than normal.

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