Updated with new data from CyberSeek. The time frame for CyberSeek data is October 2018 through September 2019.

Interested in a career in cybersecurity? With more than 500,000 job postings for open cybersecurity jobs in the United States, you chose a great time to join a booming industry – but where to start? To help close the cybersecurity skills gap, CyberSeek provides detailed, actionable data about supply and demand in the cybersecurity job market, which helps job seekers identify what they need to transition between cybersecurity roles and advance in their careers.

In this blog post, we will share the top nine cybersecurity job titles requested by employers within the U.S. cybersecurity job market and the education requirements, certifications and skills needed to find a job in one of these roles.

To begin, here are the top nine cybersecurity job titles and their average salaries, according to CyberSeek:

  1. Cybersecurity Engineer $106,000
  2. Cybersecurity Analyst $95,000
  3. Network Engineer/Architect $109,020*
  4. Cybersecurity Manager/Administrator $105,000
  5. Systems Engineer $86,510*
  6. Software Developer/Engineer $105,590*
  7. Cybersecurity Specialist/Technician $92,000
  8. Vulnerability Analyst/Penetration Tester $103,000
  9. Cybersecurity Consultant $91,000

    Education Requirements for Cybersecurity Jobs

    CyberSeek breaks down education requirements and shows the percentage of online job listings requiring either less than a bachelor’s degree, a bachelor’s degree or a graduate degree.

    For example, a cybersecurity specialist is considered an entry-level job. The job postings for this role don’t require as much education as others – 21 percent of systems administrator postings require less than a bachelor’s degree, which is higher than more advanced job titles.

    In contrast, a cybersecurity engineer is on the advanced-level career track, so if you’re interested in a career as such, you should know that 87 percent of job openings require higher education. In fact, 78 percent of cybersecurity engineer postings require a bachelor’s degree and nine percent require a graduate degree. You can dig deep into CyberSeek’s data for any of the top nine job titles and discover what education level is most common for your dream job.

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