As 2016 nears its end, there is much to talk about from the world of sports this year. Here, we offer the Top 10 conversation-worthy sports stories to start discussion among coaches, parents and their youth athletes.

Each story links to news coverage and suggests a question for discussion. Great conversations are the life-blood of the adult-child relationships that are needed to ensure that sports help as many youth as possible reach their full potential as people.

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Olympic distance runner Abbey D’Agostino stops to help a fallen competitor. What would you do if you had a choice to go for the gold or help a fellow competitor?m considers striking due to level of pay. What would go into your decision about whether to give up the sport you love in the name of pursuing justice.

In a similar scenario, Minnesota high school cross country runner Liana Blomgren is disqualified for assisting an opponent. Whether it’s a gold medal or a potential berth in the state meet, how do the stakes influence your decision to help your opponent or keep running?

High school football teams provide a special moment for an athlete with Down syndrome. What will these high school football players remember most about this playoff game?

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Cubs both stage historic comebacks from 3-1 deficits to end their fans’ decades of waiting for championships. What character traits and elements of teamwork did the Cavs and Cubs exhibit, and what is the importance of fan support in a team’s success?

Houston-area high school football team takes a knee instead of a win to show respect for injured opponent. What is more important, winning or sportsmanship, and why?

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