HSO standards are the very foundation on which leading-edge accreditation programs and great public policy are built. HSO brings the best evidence, the best experts and best practices to the table.

We’re raising the bar on standards because we don’t believe people should settle for any less than the best for their health.

Why have standards?

Globally recognized standards help health systems develop and assess important topics such as governance, leadership, infection prevention and control, and medication management, which all affect the quality of services that the public receives. These standards create a strong health care structure that the public, providers and policy makers can rely on, assuring high quality health services where it matters most.

Global standards help health services providers to:

  • Assess and improve upon their quality of health services
  • Determine what type of care should be offered and identify gaps in their current systems
  • Improve health and safety in the workplace
  • Identify best practices, leading to reliable and higher quality health services for the public in local jurisdictions
  • Determine efficiency.

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