Apple overhauled WatchOS 6 on Monday with a lineup of new health featuresincluding a Noise app. With the noise app for Apple Watch, you’ll get information about the decibel level at concerts and other events where the noise level might be too loud and potentially damaging to your hearing. WatchOS 6 will also support Activity Trends and a menstrual cycle tracker.

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Activity Trends show your progress over time and give you custom tips based on your fitness. The cycle tracker, which will be available on both Apple Watch and iPhone, lets you log details about your period — and get notifications about your estimated fertility window.

Apple’s annual developer convention kicked off Monday at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. The confab is in its 30th year, and it’s the third year Apple has held its developer conference in San Jose.

WWDC is where Apple details its newest software and services that will arrive on devices later in the year. The company may be best known for its hardware, but the seamless integration of its hardware with its software is what sets Apple apart from rivals. Apple’s ability to control every aspect of its products — something that began when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded the company in 1976 — has been key in making it the most powerful company in tech.