There’s no better way to learn about the world around us than through hands-on exploration. These second grade science experiments, projects, and demonstrations will help kids understand earth science, properties of matter, and much more, and they’re easy enough that any teacher can tackle them!

1. Conduct a cookie dunk experiment.

Introduce or review the scientific method with a fun and easy experiment to determine which cookies float or sink when dunked in milk. Then you can eat the results!

2. Find out which liquid is best for growing seeds.

As you learn about the life cycle of plants, explore how water supports their growth. Plant seeds and water them with a variety of liquids to see which sprout first and grow best.

3. Make it rain in the mountains.

Explore the way rain in the mountains leads to rivers that flow to the ocean. The concept is so simple: Second grade science students crumple a piece of paper to create mountain peaks and valleys. Then, they spray colored water to create “rain” and see where the water goes.

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