There’s never been a better time to clean our homes from top to bottom. Aren’t we all looking for ways to beat the boredom while in lockdown? What could be better than all those cleaning jobs on the to-do list.

Cleaning is a great way to pass the time and do good. Not only will our homes be spotless but cleaning is thought to be therapeutic – and therefore good to compact any anxiety we might have during these uncertain times.

We’ve complied a list of 43 easy-to-do cleaning jobs for every room in the house.

43 Cleaning jobs to do while in lockdown

We’ll start in the kitchen…

1. Clean inside and outside your kitchen cupboards

It’s one of those jobs we all put off, right? Spend this time now to completely empty each and every cupboard. Washing the inside down with soapy water or diluted Zoflora.

2. Organise kitchen cupboards

Washing is the first job, re-stacking and reorganising the contents of the cupboards counts as a job in itself. Check the sell-by dates on all your food produce before you put them back. Depending how big your kitchen is, these jobs could be best split over a few days?

3. Wipe on top of kitchen units

No one sees the top but we all know the dust and dirt that hides there. Because it’s hidden its never a priority to clean, until now.

4. Deep clean the oven

I can’t be the only person who’s been planning to do this for ages and never gotten around to it?

5. Sort and soap the cutlery draw

Take all the cutlery out and wash the drawer separator. If this is a removable design you can give the empty draw a quick wipe clean too. Putting all your clean cutlery back in place will feel all the more pleasing.

6. Empty and clean the fridge

Remove all items from the shelves and compartments. Take these out and give them a good clean, before restocking. Take it too new levels by adopting a ‘Cribs’ style orderly way of displaying the contents. Why not?

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