Once the lockdown ends we will need to take a series of steps to ensure that the workers are safe, and active to restart the businesses.


  • A detailed planning activity, where we need to identify which employees really need to come to work, even after the lockdown is lifted.
  • Others can continue to work from home. That clarity is important.
  • We have to ensure there is no crowding in our office spaces, ensure that only 25 or 50% of the workspace is actually occupied.

About four months ago we heard of a mysterious virus that was causing pneumonia like symptoms and today, much of the world as we know it has come to a standstill. More than 4 billion people around the world are in some form of lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The lockdown will be over one day and time will come to rejoin our work, but given the nature of the pandemic, everything is about to change. At a recent ETRise Webinar, Kanika Tekriwal, Founder and CEO, JetSetGo  ..
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