Summary: Users expect About Us sections to be clear, authentic, and transparent. They compare corporate content with third-party reviews to form a holistic opinion of a company before initiating business or applying for jobs.

Whether users seek company information in a B2B (business–to–business) or B2C (business–to–consumer) context, effectively explaining a company’s purpose and what it stands for is important for users and helps the business maintain its reputation.

Most sites offer an About Us section, but the pages often do a poor job of clearly communicating the most important information about the organization. Additionally, many people now seek out company information not only from the About Us section, but also from third parties who might provide an honest, unbiased perspective about the organization.

Seeking About Us Content: Why and How

Though big or famous organizations may think the About Us section of the site should have low priority, this information is important and accessed by many different types of users in a variety of scenarios:

  • Professionals who want to interact with business partners and investigate potential vendors
  • Medical professionals, lawyers, and tradespeople who need quick answers about your company, products, or services
  • People who take up sports or new hobbies, discover a new genre of literature, music, or home décor, are diagnosed with a new disease, start eating a new type of food, or otherwise become interested in organizations they’ve never dealt with before
  • Journalists, influencers, and content creators who need information about your products or services

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