If you are like most families with young children, these past few weeks have been filled with playing simple games, such as who can run the fastest from one side of the room to the other, or who can accurately recite the alphabet backwards. When my children were young, their favorite game involved my hiding their stuffed animals in the house. Then they would head off on a search and rescue mission to find their favorite “friends.” Now they are much older but back home due to the Coronavirus, but they still find comfort and joy in games from their youth, such as Wii MarioCart and Dance Dance Revolution.

uring this lockdown, the importance of games has become clearer than ever. I’m sure in your home too, trying to occupy the anxious mind of you and your child(ren) has become even more vital. Games can occupy our chatter-filled minds, cut through the boredom of being quarantined, keep our awareness in the present moment, create a shared adventure, and challenge ourselves to improve in some way.

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