The Symposium was a full-day session divided into four issue-oriented panels:

  • Overview of the IT industry, technological advances/trends, innovative business applications
  • Contribution of IT to economic growth and development and the role of trade in the mutual reinforcement of global and national IT policies
  • Practical problems encountered in IT trade (including the possibility of presenting case studies, e.g. import licensing) and the broader effects of NTMs
  • The implications of current approaches to standards making and conformity assessment (review developments in international standards and other relevant bodies).

    WTO Information Technology Symposium

    1. Share information about the dynamism of IT and its future: recent R&D development, technology trends and anticipated products/services

    2. Explain the role of IT in promoting economic growth and development and IT’s expanding contribution to the infrastructure for a global information economy.

    3. Highlight the value of the application of IT, drawing on examples from developed and developing countries:

    – For business competitiveness for large and small business;
    – For government, and
    – Users.

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