Imagine this: it’s a cold winter day and you are savouring your favourite beverage (tea), relishing every sip. You finish it before you realise and then feel the urge to have another cup. And before you know it, you are downing cups of tea, like there’s no tomorrow. And while there are several benefits of drinking tea, overdoing it may cause you harm, just like everything else. Here are some things that can happen when you overindulge.

Reduced iron absorption

The tannins — organic compounds found in plants — present in the tea, can get attached to certain foods rich in iron, and prevent their absorption. And with iron deficiency a common symptom in most, this one seems like an exacerbation that can be done without. According to researches done in the past, the tea tannins are more likely to hinder the absorption of iron that comes from plant-based products. Which means, if you are a vegetarian, you have to be extra cautious. Read More..