Put yourself in the position to create and grasp opportunities. This page looks at how to improve employment opportunities by creating networks, raising your profile and gaining experience.

How do researchers find jobs?

What do researchers do?: Doctoral graduate destinations and impact three years on provides the following breakdown on how researchers found their jobs.

  • 33% of respondents found out about their current job through professional, work or educational contacts and networking
  • 16% through personal contacts
  • 24% already worked for the organisation
  • 22% had seen their position advertised in newspapers
  • 20% had seen it on an employers website
  • 10% recruitment agency
  • 5% University careers service
  • 8% through other careers services
  • 6% speculative approach
  • 1% headhuntedKeeping informed

    The career landscape is constantly evolving. At any time career avenues could be closed off as well as new pathways opening. Make sure you are fully informed about the sectors you are interested in working in. Is it an area of growth or retraction? How competitive is the field? What new opportunities might be on the horizon? Familiarise yourself with the most up-to-date labour market information.

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