Exercise is any sport or activity that makes your muscles work harder than if you were just sitting down. It makes you feel warm and, in some cases, breathless. The exercise can include swimming for fun, riding a bicycle, playing football in the garden or going to a dance class. It should be fun and gradually anyone taking part regularly should be able to increase the length of time that they can take part whilst still being able to talk to the other people around them.


Activity is an experience that keeps you active but may not include exercise. Going fishing, joining a drama group, singing in a choir or joining a chess club are all activities where you can meet other people, join in and have fun but they do not exercise your heart or other muscles.


This is a game, match or physical activity where there is an element of competition, either with yourself or against other people. Some competition can be safe, for example, golf, archery, cycling or beginners table tennis or badminton, and the skills part of a football or netball lesson. It will require a gradual increase in involvement as a child becomes fitter.

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