There is no escaping the fact that within a few short weeks, the global health emergency, COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how the world and India will do business. This is an unprecedented situation and adaption and workplace evolution is going to be key across all companies.

In the days following the long lockdown and social distancing rules released by the Indian government, employment and the job market is expected to see a brand new normal. With immediate effect, we will see much more emphasis on job security from professionals in India. In times like this, it is especially important for people with financial commitments such as children’s education fees or mortgage on a family home. People with existing considerations will be reluctant to leave their companies and we anticipate a much lower percentage of people open to exploring new opportunities.

Where we will still see some appetite to move jobs is in the healthcare and life sciences as well as technology industries. These have been recognised as the sectors least impacted by the pandemic. Therefore candidates have more certainty around the long-term prospects of companies in these industries. In particular, candidates in job types such as digital analytics and data science will be more open to switching roles.

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