Unless you have been medically diagnosed with coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity, a rigorous new study shows that eating foods containing gluten will cause you no harm, and avoiding these proteins in your diet isn’t necessary.

In the first double-blind randomised controlled trial, which is one of the most reliable tests we have today, healthy volunteers who ate gluten-containing flour did not report gastrointestinal symptoms or fatigue.

It’s the first time a test like this has relied on healthy volunteers with no history of gut issues (such as irritable bowel syndrome), and it helps to clear up some of the mixed results that have been surfacing in recent years.

Today in the United States, over three million people follow a gluten-free diet, even though some 82 percent have not been diagnosed with health issues that would require this lifestyle change. People cite many reasons for going gluten-free, but “wellbeing” is usually a reigning factor.

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